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Billing Insurance

Billing Insurance

Our clinics are GST registered and we accept the following modes of payment.

  1. Cash
  2. NETS
  3. Bank transfer
  4. All major credit cards (Visa / MasterCard / Amex)
  5. Child Development Account (CDA) Baby Bonus

Can I use my insurance?

We accept all patients, whether they have corporate or personal insurance plans. Some plans will have general exclusions such as over-the-counter medications or procedures related to certain conditions such as sleep apnoea. Please check with your policy for any exclusions.

Your plan may also request that you make a small co-payment (i.e. pay a percentage of your total bill out-of-pocket).

Personal Integrated Shield Plans

All citizens and residents of Singapore can purchase integrated shield plans that cover hospitalization in private hospitals. These are the current plans available in Singapore.

  1. AIA HealthShield Gold Max A
  2. Aviva MyShield Plan 1
  3. AXA Shield Plan A
  4. Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus
  5. NTUC Income Enhanced IncomeShield Preferred
  6. NTUC Income IncomeShield Plan P
  7. Prudential PruShield Premier

Nuffield ENT is on the specialist panels of the following Integrated plans :

  1. AIA HealthShield Gold Max A
  2. NTUC Income Enhanced IncomeShield Preferred
  3. NTUC Income IncomeShield Plan P*
  4. GE HealthConnect
  5. HSBC Life Shield

If you are on one of the above-mentioned plans, you will enjoy preferential care e.g. higher limits on in-hospital care and longer outpatient follow up care.

Please note at this moment, Dr Vyas Prasad is on the Extended Specialist Panel for NTUC and is not on the Panel of AIA. He is on the specialist panel for GE and HSBC Life.

If you are on one of the other plans, you can still see us. You would have to pay for your outpatient bills. We can e-file (see below) for visits that involve a procedure and claim all or part of your bill form your insurer. When we receive these funds, we will reimburse you by bank transfer.

Corporate Insurance

Many patients will have health insurance cover through their employer. We are on the following specialist panels and can bill your invoices directly to your insurer. In some cases, cashless terms apply.

  • Parkway Shenton
  • Allianz Care
  • CIGNA*
  • Bupa
  • UnitedHealthcare Global (UHCG)


What is e-filing and how can I do this?

This is applicable to Singaporeans and Singaporean Permanent Residents who have an Integrated Shield Plan and have a day surgery procedure in the clinic. For purposes of this claim, the ‘day surgery procedure’ is any procedure with a surgical table code. This includes nasal endoscopy and stroboscopy.

You will have to pay your bill first and the clinic will assist you to e-file your invoice. The clinic will then receive funds from your insurer (less any deductibles) within 2 months and make a bank transfer.

Can I utilize my Medisave account?

Yes you can. The same process described above applies. However, Medisave reimbursements are capped and you may only receive partial reimbursement of your bill.

Can I use my Child Development Account (CDA) Baby Bonus?

Yes you can. At present it applies when you leave the country with goods in excess of SGD$100 in value. Please inform our reception staff if you are leaving the country and carrying medications purchased in the clinic with you. Please bring your passport with you to the clinic to enjoy this refund.

What happens if I need to be admitted for surgery?

Our staff will advise you of the processes involved. Please contact your insurer and inform them that you are scheduled to get admitted for surgery or treatment at Farrer Park Hospital or Gleneagles Hospitals. Many insurers have direct billing arrangements with the hospital.